Faces of Fire

​​The shining flame of the candle,

The burning roar of the pyre,

The blazing light in her eyes,

The charred remains of his house,

The youths’ laughter around the campfire,

The rage nurtured by the beast,

The delectable smell of the cooking meal,

The fearsome and fierce wildfire,

The tamed glow at the end of a cigarette,

The frightening sound of the explosion,

The igniting touch of a lover,

The excruciating pain of burns,

The sky illuminated by fireworks,

The scorching heat of the sun,

The kindling of a new friendship,

The embers of the dying man,

The blinding luminosity of the halo, 

The nine concentric circles of inferno,

The warmth and the violence,

The intensity and the radiance,

The ever-changing and ever-present faces of fire.


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