Fitting in the Millennial Age: Image

In today’s “millennial” day and age, it’s all about looking good. Image is pivotal. Social standing depends on how “in” your look is, how well you pout your lips and even how hot the friend beside you looks in the photo. The pressure to fit in is stronger than ever before and harder than ever before. I feel like we’re all stuck on an endless rerun of Mean Girls. Everyone’s joining in on this new fad, the latest rat race – to lose weight, to get hot and look thin. 

Now, you’d think, “Oh, that’s great! Everyone’s going to look better now.” But here’s the truth – Looking good does not necessarily mean being thin and more importantly, being thin does not necessarily mean being fit. And that is what we need to be. Moreover, the motivation to get fit does not come from trying to belong to the new age social media craze. If you’re trying to get thin for the wrong reasons, chances are you’re taking the wrong path to get there. Crash dieting, starving yourself, overexercising – the temporary fixes that are being used permanently. 

The right way is simple, eat right at the right time and complement it with adequate exercise. Now you may say, “Easier said than done.” But I’ve done it, so believe me I know it is, in fact, that simple. It’s all about mastering the mind. Mind over matter. But it can only happen if you have the right motivation to do it. The right reasons why you shouldn’t be eating this pastry or why you should skip that slice of pizza. It’s not a temporary fix to look good, it is a lifestyle choice to feel good. 

When you decide to get fit, you make a conscious choice to become healthier and happier. You will see the change and feel it, too. Your confidence will kick up a notch, you’ll find yourself smiling in the mirror, rather than shying away it, your clothes will fit better and as an added bonus, you’ll align your image right with the new age millennials, if that’s what you’re after. 

You’ll also find that it’s much easier to curb your cravings, if you do it right. Maybe not on the first two days, when you feel that chocolate calling out to you or see your name written all over that box of B&J. But the third day, you’ll walk away from it. And by the seventh, you won’t even notice it in the refrigerator. 
When you adopt the healthy lifestyle, you’ll find yourself generally preferring a salad over mac and cheese. And the great thing about that? The few days you give into that craving of mac and cheese, you don’t even have to feel guilty about it. 

So the final note to crack the code for the millennial age? Fitting in is all about getting fit.


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