Detoxifying Your Heart 

Detoxifying your heart is so much harder than detoxifying your body. Cravings are so much easier to curb than unbidden thoughts. 

Silent, in the dead of the night, you lie back and it begins. The shadows on the dark ceiling begin to play a movie from the past. You’re absorbed into it, like quicksand. In a moment, you’re laughing with nostalgia and in the next, you’re surprised to find the dampness seeping onto the pillow. 

You will yourself to be stronger and forget. The harder you try, though, the harder it seems to get. So you turn away from the ceiling and bury your tear-strained face in the pillow and wait for the calm to engulf you. Don’t you wish there was a cure as simple as, ‘Two cups of green tea, twice a day’?

But alas, you can’t escape the ghosts so easily. It can take weeks, months and sometimes years for it to pass. But pass it does. One day, you wake up and the sound of their name no longer hurts. The place in your heart where they resided, they shall perhaps never vacate, but you can open that door of memories now, without drowning in the flood of pain. You’ve finally moved on, now they belong in your past, a life you’ve left behind. It’s a new chapter today, embrace it with a smile, knowing that you’re going to be just fine.


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